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Guaranteed Point-of-Sale Check Conversion

Guaranteed Point-of-Sale Check Conversion allows merchants to accept and process checks electronically and without risk at the point-of-sale, just like a credit card.


Alliance Payment Systems provides merchants with the security and peace of mind to accept checks with confidence.  By following simple guidelines during the transaction, liability is transferred from the merchant to Alliance Payment Systems.  Funds for the check are deposited electronically into the merchant’s bank account-guaranteed!


Guaranteed funding eliminates the risk of accepting bad checks.


Credit Card Processing

Alliance Payment Systems has partnered with Sage Payment Solutions to provide merchants the ability to securely process debit and credit card transactions.  Merchants using our credit card processing solution receive the following:


·Low rates

·Reliable customer support

·24/7 online transaction reporting


Contact us today to learn more about Guaranteed Point-of-Sale Check Conversion and Credit Card Processing at sales@alliancepaymentsystems.com or 1-877-855-7505.



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